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Dated: November 18 2020

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The real estate industry, like many other sectors, is making its way into the cloud. This transformation impacts how both residential and commercial properties are listed, searched, photographed, discovered by potential owners, and sold. Today, for example, realtors or brokers are often contacted only after the prospective buyer has used online resources to inspect properties. He or she has most likely already identified the leading candidates and is close to a purchasing decision.

This blog looks at the unique opportunities of the cloud real estate industry and how Cloud Volumes ONTAP is helping accelerate that journey, including two real estate customer success stories.

Cloud Real Estate: Opportunities and Challenges of a Digital Transformation

Although cloud adoption has been somewhat slower in real estate compared to other sectors, today ~80% of real estate’s top performers deliver their services using cloud technologies. Real estate companies are slowly but surely embracing the cloud for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Cutting operational costs: Real estate is highly competitive so cutting costs matters. It is generally estimated that real estate companies can cut up to 30% of their IT spending by eliminating the need to maintain and manage in-house servers.
  • Doing more, faster: With anywhere, anytime, any-device access to data and apps, real estate professionals can improve their productivity, including streamlining the negotiation and closing of more deals, faster.
  • Enhanced data security: Although a lot of real estate data is public, companies also store sensitive information about owners, buyers, terms/prices of deals, and more. Real estate companies have discovered that public cloud service providers have invested heavily in cutting-edge security technology to offer a high level of data security.
  • Better, more consistent workflows: Whether selling properties or managing them, cloud-based technologies such as automated workflows, smart contracts, real estate data analytics, and customer-relationship management (CRM) software for real estate are upping the game.
  • Improved business continuity: The shift towards real estate applications requires high levels of availability and disaster recovery, using the cloud for secondary backups and data replication.
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