How to BUY & SELL at the Same Time

Dated: July 27 2021

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When we are working with homeowners as they make their decision to sell… the first questions is always “is it even possible to sell my house and buy a new one in this market?”

The answer is YES! Below we give an overview of how we help our clients navigate this process, but are happy to discuss your specific goals and set a unique plan together. 

Step 1: Get Detailed
Starting by working with an experienced real estate agent will set you up for success. Your agent will be able to tell you how much your home will sell for, what to expect from the buying process based on your new home criteria, and how to set a timeline based on these factors.

Step 2: Prepare Your Home for the Market
Positioning your home to show in the best light will help your home sell faster and for top dollar. Our recommendations for accomplishing this:

·         Hire a home inspector – choose to make repairs & disclose condition to potential buyers

      Set the Stage – declutter, deep clean, spruce curb appeal, and hire professional photographer

·         Price It Right – avoid pricing too high by taking the emotion out of the equation. Your agent will run a market analysis to show how homes are selling in your current market

Step 3: Decide Your Plan of Action
Based on your details from Step 1, you will have one or more of the following options:

·         Buy before you sell

·         Sell, move somewhere temporary, buy, move again

·         Sell, make your sale contingent on finding replacement home, close both sales together

·         Sell, rent back from new owners, buy new home

Step 4: Sell your Home
Your home looks great! Your agent will handle showings, buyer inquiries, offers, and advise on negotiating the right contract. Make sure your agent is your advocate to ensure the contract of your home sale reflects the needs of your home purchase.

Step 5: House Hunt & Purchase
(Of course, if you are fortunate to buy before selling, Steps 4 & 5 will be swapped)
It is crucial that you are open about all needs in your new home concerning size, layout, yard, location, and condition. The more information your agent knows, the more streamlined your search process will be. Once you find the right home, your agent will again help you through the contract to make sure your needs are met based on your chosen Plan of Action!

This was a very condensed version of the help we can provide – but we hope this explanation make the process feel a little more possible! Luckily for you, we are ready to help you through each step. Reach out and we look forward to connecting!

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