Home Buying: Getting Started

Dated: February 15 2021

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You have made the decision to buy a home! Now, where to start?

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+ First, you will want to talk with a real estate agent to learn about the current market. A real estate agent will answer questions about your local area, number of homes for sale, and help set expectations of what the process will look like.

+ Second, obtain your home financing. Most home buyers will need a home mortgage to finance their home purchase. Your real estate agent will be happy to refer you to a trusted mortgage lender on your area. The lender will review your financial picture including income, assets, debt, and credit. This information will allow the lender to pre-approve you for a home mortgage as well as help you find the comfort zone of your purchase price & monthly mortgage payment.

+ Third, we will take those pre-approval numbers and begin the search for your home purchase! Together with your real estate agent, you will determine your housing needs – location, home size, number of bedrooms, etc. Your real estate agent will schedule home tours and educate you through the process to determining which home is right to submit an offer!

+ FINALLY, it’s time to put together a strong offer and make your way to close on your potential home. Your real estate agent will help you understand the contract paperwork, inspect the property, and negotiate the deal to ensure a mutually beneficial sale for both you as the buyer and the home seller. Once this portion is complete, YOU ARE A HOMEOWNER!

Ready to get started?

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